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Blockchain Life Firms and 2020 Welcomes 5000 Trainers Moscow




The largest event on blockchain, cryptocurrenciesmining and mining in Europe is now occurring for an innovative place — Music Media Dome.  

About April 22-23 Blockchain Life 2020 brings with 5000 participants out of 70 nations. One of these: entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, investors blockchain programmers, founders of their startups, everybody and government officials who wishes to learn more. 

Know more about the discussion and Receive an Early Bird ticket to

In Blockchain Life 2020 these topics are emphasized: blockchain advancement and its execution in company, evaluation of present techniques of earning within the sphere of cryptocurrencies, trading, and mining. An important job of this discussion is to make a platform for a discussion between government authorities and the market community.

Among the most anticipated moments of Blockchain Life 2020 — exclusive language of Ian Balina — a world-famous writer, blockchain-entrepreneur, as well as investor. 

One of speakers of this discussion

2 days of media using top-management of these Top businesses: Binance, BitForex, Listing.Help, Trading View, Huobi, KuCoin, B2Broker, Bitmain, Gazprom Neft and Several others anticipate Blockchain Life 2020’s attendees.

Select the ideal kind of involvement now while tickets can be found:

Forum’s organizers:, the planet ’s major record service on crypto exchanges, also, an global association. General host — a cryptocurrency trade General sponsor of this AfterParty FX along with Crypto Liquidity & Technology Provider


Zero Gravity Expertise and 50K Prizes at BitStarz Space Level Up Experience




[PRESS RELEASE – Please see Complete disclaimer]

At a galaxy far, far away, there was a online casino unlike any other. Giving players an opportunity to win epic excursions around the technology the globe, tons of money and, of course space adventure equipment. To kick off the new year, BitStarz is pleased to announce the launching of its newest rocket-fuelled advertising Space Level Up Experience!

There’s an Zero Gravity adventure in the core of the ol ’ USA around using $50,000 in prize pools that are person, heaps of super BitStarz product, and the MacBook Pro.

What exactly are you waiting for? Keep reading to find the lowdown on how you are able to acquire all this and much more!


The title of this sport is together with there now being 40 levels leveling up, If it comes Up Experience. Each level provides a challenge with prizes that are fresh to win, and keep in the event that you would like to acquire that Zero heavenly experience on pushing.

The first player to Forged to Level 40 will acquire tickets for 2 all the way. You’ll be whisked off by a chauffeur to rest until your space experience, When you’re in the united states. You may possess three nights of luxury courtesy of BitStarz, together with transfers and return flights.

Lots of Goodies for everybody

As you are making your way through the magnificent adventure island map, then you’ll have the ability to accumulate $50,000 in person prize pools plus a slew of BitStarz merch (such as hoodies and backpacks) across the way. Each player will win $50,000, therefore it s worth blasting throughout the levels to scoop up some of the bonus cash. Product is mythical in sport circles, made from substances that are top-quality, next time you choose a spacewalk you are able to do it.

Of everything ’ s likely to become an epic bitStarz Space Level Up Experience is start. Now’s the opportunity to enter your space equipment and make your way.

Do not get left behind since we kick-off our exciting season EVER, stay tuned into the BitStarz site are the first to discover about rate promotes weekends and find out the quickest methods to accelerate!

Press contact:

Srdjan Kapor

Marketing Manager

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