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Bitcoin Era Review



Bitcoin Era Review

With the rise of daily cryptocurrency trading, the need for a stable, auto-trading platform is becoming more and more of a necessity in order to make consistent profits. Bitcoin Era is positioning itself as a leader among crypto auto-trading platforms. This Bitcoin Era review will outline why the platform is not a scam and can maintain a high profit ratio with users potentially gaining profits every day. Bitcoin Era also allows for fast and easy withdrawals and works through an accompanying app.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer


Bitcoin Era is an automated robot trader for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The platform was developed by traders who designed it to automatically buy and sell bitcoin at the correct moment to make a profit for its users. The platform relies upon a Fibonacci strategy, executing trades at the certain time frames to maximize gains. Users also report a high satisfaction rate with the platform. It is important to note that there are always inherent risks when trading bitcoin.
Bitcoin Era’s automated trading program is designed to do one thing and one thing only: trade bitcoin at the highest profit ratio possible. That means users configure the platform’s trading robot program to the settings they want and simply let it go on its own from there. Once the robot is making live trades, users just need to monitor its performance and make any changes to the program’s settings as needed.

How Bitcoin Era Works

Bitcoin Era describes itself as a completely automated robot trader for the bitcoin market. The bot is supposed to conduct research on investing maneuvers by analyzing large swaths of bitcoin market data in order to formulate trading strategies and insights. This informs the platform’s algorithms which further analyze the vast amount of data to then make split second decisions on buying, selling, and trading.

Bitcoin Era relies on these complex algorithms to scan the bitcoin market to inform when trades should be executed. These types of algorithms have been utilized for years among high-frequency traders and allow for nearly simultaneous analysis and trade within an extremely short window of time. As a result, the platform is able to take advantage of even the smallest market movements to generate high returns.

Is Bitcoin Era Legitimate?

It’s a well-known fact that there are plenty of illegitimate cryptocurrency trading platforms. These are platforms that claim to bring users high profits with very little work, but many of them are scams. Bitcoin Era is fairly new, so there is not much concrete information about the platforms performance or how its program’s robot makes trading decisions, but Bitcoin Era appears to be a legitimate trading platform.
Using analytical tools to assess Bitcoin Era’s trading performance, we determined that it is not only a legit automated trading platform, but it also has one of the highest performance ratings of any automated trading platform with a success rating of 97 percent. Such a high success rate means users are able to consistently earn profits during each trading session. Bitcoin Era’s platform was tested in regards to several different aspects, including profitability, accuracy of information, quality of customer service, reputation among traders, and safety measures for users. Because Bitcoin Era’s platform is transparent, it was very easy to test and determine these various factors.


Profitability is one of the more important factors, and Bitcoin Era reliably returns profits to its users. Users consistently report making profits (some quite large), but the value of earnings depends on how much money is initially invested. Users can start using the platform with a minimum investment of $250, and the maximum investment allowed on the platform is $15,000. While Bitcoin Era claims to bring in high profits, there is a high degree of risk with any sort of trading. User should only invest what they can afford to lose. There have also been several complaints from users stating huge gains are quickly lost in less than a minute. To counter this, users should habitually check their accounts and lock profits to avoid the platform automatically reinvesting earnings.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

Accuracy of Information

The intelligent robot program running Bitcoin Era’s platform performs trades automatically as well as consistently. Users can monitor the trades themselves by watching live trades and tracking how transactions are handled. Witnessing the live trades demonstrate the high earnings ratio and can be used as a way to verify the many positive reviews left by users. Additionally, the entire system is purportedly supervised by brokers with years of professional experience in trading and currencies, adding an additional layer of assurance for users. Both the robot program and professional brokers are dedicated to performing profitable trades for all users’ accounts.

Customer Service

Bitcoin Era prides itself in having a dedicated customer service team to help users become more knowledgeable about successful trading tactics. Tutorials are available to help users get started with trading. Additionally, a live chat option allows users to ask questions to Bitcoin Era’s 24/7 service desk at any time during the day.


Bitcoin Era has a high trustworthiness score among its users. User testimonials describing the platform’s dependability, ease of use, and other types of positive feedback are available on Bitcoin Era’s website. While user reviews are useful, it is important to test trading platforms independently in addition to hearing about other users’ experiences.

Safety Measures

Bitcoin Era has a number of safety measures built into the platform to ensure users are protected from volatility within the market. Stop-loss rules can be implemented (see Step 3: Trading under How to Set Up Account) to prevent major losses during huge price swings. Bitcoin Era also has a number of brokers monitoring the robot’s performance in order to tweak the program if necessary.

How to Set Up Account

Creating an account with Bitcoin Era is extremely easy to do. The interface is user friendly and the setup is intuitive, allowing users to get trading in no time. Here are the three steps to getting started:

Step 1: Create an account

Creating an account with Bitcoin Era takes less than 10 minutes and has no cost. The first step is to create an account by filling out a form on Bitcoin Era’s website. Users need to submit an account name, an email address, and a phone number. The information is verified immediately, and users secure their accounts with a password. Passwords must consist of one capital letter and one number, and they must be a minimum of six characters. While other trading platforms require loads of information before granting users an account, Bitcoin Era makes it fast and easy while still verifying users’ identities and securing their accounts. Once a user registers, they are connected with a broker and can move to the next step of making an initial deposit.
After creating an account, users can familiarize themselves with Bitcoin Era’s platform before making an initial deposit. The platform has a dashboard display with five main sections:

– Trading Accounts:

This is where users can check account activity and find summaries of all trading accounts.

– My Profile:

all user information can be found here, including password settings and verification documents for Bitcoin Era’s Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.

– Fund Transfer:

access to funds for making deposits or withdrawals.

– Platform Downloads:

instead of using Bitcoin Era strictly through a web browser, users can download the platform onto their desktop.

– Service Desk:

a dedicated 24/7 customer care team to help troubleshoot any issues and answer inquiries for users.

Step 2: Make an initial deposit

Once users have a feel for the platform, they can then make an initial deposit. There are multiple options for funding a Bitcoin Era account, including through MasterCard, Visa, WebMoney, bank transfers, Neteller, and many other options. The platform makes it easy to fund an account in minutes so users can start trading almost immediately. A minimum deposit of $250 is required before users can start trading. This is a standard amount for a minimum deposit with most brokerage services.

Step 3: Trading

Once user information is confirmed and an initial deposit has cleared to fund the account, users can start a live trade session. Users have the option to set up a stop-loss for accounts, creating a rule to protect deposits if a loss in the market leads to too much instability. A stop-loss on accounts allows for users to create an order to sell at a specified price in order to limit losses during periods of extreme volatility. After setting a stop-loss rule, users activate the live trade feature and the robot’s algorithm takes over. Users are able to monitor the programs performance in real time to make sure it is executing actions for the desired outcomes. The live trade feature can run as long as users want it to, however it is suggested to occasionally check in on a live trade session and not let the program trade uninterrupted for hours on end.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

Live and Demo Trading

Once a user has an account up and running, Bitcoin Era allows for two types of trading modes: live trading and demo trading. The demo trading is a unique feature giving users the opportunity to test out Bitcoin Era’s robot trading program without having the fear of losing real money. These practice accounts, or ‘demo accounts’, are optional but are recommended for new users because they allow to test out different strategies with the robot trading program without the risk of losses. ‘Fake’ money is used to perform trades as a way to experiment with the program. The operations in demo trading work nearly identical to those during live trading and is a great way to experiment and get familiarized with all of Bitcoin Era’s trading features.

Once users get the feel for trading after going through a few demo trades, they can move on to live trading, the main attraction of Bitcoin Era. In live trading, users are able to set parameters and limitations (such as a stop loss rule) for Bitcoin Era’s robot trading program. The Control Panel is where all the details and commands can be found on how the robot should operate during live trading. Managing these settings is crucial, and users should spend significant amounts of time understanding the implications of the different settings and how they can affect the robot’s performance while in live trading mode. Remember: the whole point of Bitcoin Era is to let the platform run itself without worry, so making sure the correct settings are selected in the Control Panel is vital to a user’s peace of mind.

As soon as the live trade mode is activated, an entire history of the robot’s operations is accessible, allowing users to see all the successful and failed operations. Users can also check on trades in real time by going to Open Trades. At any point, users can switch from live trading back to demo mode or vice versa if they are feeling like they need more practice.

Bitcoin Era’s Main Features and Takeaways

If you are looking for a legitimate bitcoin robot trading program, it is hard to beat Bitcoin Era’s platform. Again, here are the key features that make this platform hard to resist.

– Performance:

User testimonials coupled with the average weekly earnings between $1200 to $2500 USD with an 80% success rate demonstrate the effectiveness of Bitcoin Era in reaping in profits for users without much work from the user’s end.

– Very fast withdrawals and deposits:

Withdrawing money from Bitcoin Era is very fast compared to other platforms, with withdrawals taking usually between 24 to 36 hours. Other platforms can sometimes take 3 to 5 business days to process withdrawals. With Bitcoin Era, withdrawals are quick and free of any hassle.

– Reasonable and user-friendly verification system:

As stated before, Bitcoin Era’s verification program is a no non-sense process based on personal user information (full name, payment information, etc.) instead of relying on submission of numerous complicated legal documents. Bitcoin Era must comply with anti-money laundering regulations, so a legal identification card or document is necessary for any withdrawals.

– Reliable and smart brokers:

Bitcoin Era’s professional and experienced brokers provide the watchful eye needed to make sure the platforms robot trading program is running as efficiently as possible and bringing in the highest profit and success ratios. These brokers provide an extra level of safety for users who might be a bit nervous about giving all trading control to a robot trading program.

– Payouts:

finally, Bitcoin Era’s 36 hour guarantee-withdraw policy lets users be rest assured that when a withdraw request is made, it will be executed and completed within a day and a half. Not many other trading platforms can say the same thing.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

So how does Bitcoin stack up when compared to other platforms with robot trading programs?

Top BAD Features of Other Robots

  1. 1. Users are forced to invest right from the beginning. With Bitcoin Era, the demo trading allows users to make an informed decision before risking actual funds on trades.
  2. 2. Most other robots are known scams and do not turn a profit. With Bitcoin Era, users can review other users’ testimonials and reviews as well as look at test performances which indicate Bitcoin Era’s robot trading program has an 80% to mid-90% success rate.
  3. 3. Other robots typically pressure users into investing large amounts right away to see any gains. Bitcoin Era allows users to start with a relatively small deposit of $250 and still see earnings from that small amount.
  4. 4. Users typically need to submit mounds of compliance and KYC documentation before being granted access to other robot trading platforms. Bitcoin Era is smooth, easy, and user-friendly when it comes to the verification process.

Final Takeaways

Overall, Bitcoin Era is leading the way in bitcoin robot trading programs. With an algorithm that outperforms other robots all while experienced brokers monitor its success, it’s no wonder that Bitcoin Era’s users give it rave reviews. The platforms simple setup and user interface make it a dream for traders who want to get trading in a matter of moments rather than waiting around hours or even days before being approved to trade. Users have ultimate control in configuring how the platform operates and are given the unique chance to see the robot trading program perform in demo trading without risking real losses. The platform also offers tutorials and educational materials to help traders make the best decisions. Bitcoin Era’s dedicated customer support team provide the final pillar of user security by making sure any issues are taken care of in a timely manner.

Trading bitcoin has inherent risks, but using Bitcoin Era can mitigate risks while still bringing in high rewards.

Software characteristics Trade

  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer


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Revealed! Is Bitcoin Future Legit?




The software claims to be 0.01 seconds faster than the average trading bot. Members of the platform are allegedly making $1,121 daily on average. According to Bitcoin Future, the software has 99.4% accuracy in analyzing trading signals.

With the return on investment the software promises, it is only natural to doubt its legitimacy. Is the Bitcoin app legit, or is it just another scam? To find out more about the tests we carried out to ascertain its claims and the results we uncovered, read through our Bitcoin app review below.

Is the Bitcoin app just another scam?

We have all undoubtedly heard of trading robots. If you have not, it is pretty self-explanatory. Trading bots analyze a particular asset and makes trades on your behalf at a supersonic speed. Most robots in the market will only tell you whether investing in an asset is a good idea. However, with the likes of this bot, you get the full package. My team and I were determined to find out the efficiency and productivity of the software.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

It is quite uncommon for an application to stand up to the specs it promises after it goes through our hands. However, to our surprise, the application seemed to be 100% legitimate. Based on our tests, the automated trading software provides what it promises its users and does so in an amazingly easy-to-use interface.

The app has an excellent customer care service and is connected to trustworthy and regulated brokers. The software administrators are also transparent about the financial risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. These are only a handful of the features the software offers its users.

Cryptocurrencies have had a fantastic history in the financial markets, though shorter than most assets. Two years ago, Bitcoin began its sharp shift from its stagnant rage of $700-$900 to its record value of $20,000 in a matter of days.

Over the course of these months, most the application’s users claim to have made an average profit of $2,100 each day. You probably already wish you knew of the software. Well, Bitcoin has a lot of prospects as it approaches its halving.

There are testimonials on the software’s official website of users who allegedly made sums of up to $10,000 in just over a month by using the Bitcoin Future. For instance, Jennifer A., a resident of London, claims to have made a profit of more than $7,000 in a month.

What is Bitcoin Future?

This app is a crypto trading software that has an automated trading feature reputed for being one of the most reliable for auto-trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The application’s technology is configured to detect factors that affect the prices of cryptocurrencies in the market and use the potentially profitable signals to make traders profits.

The crypto app is one of the most reliable auto-trading software in the market. Though the market is flooded with trading bots that offer fairly decent features, none is even close to offering as much speed and reliability as the Bitcoin app.

It is quite easy to set up the software in your device. The app will direct you through each step until you are satisfied with your trading settings. With this application, you get to spare yourself the hassle of monitoring and analyzing cryptocurrency market trends manually.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

How does the application work?

Just a few years ago, Bitcoin was the talk in town after hitting highs of $20,000 in the financial markets. There have been market changes since then, and although people still make a profit from manual analysis of the crypto market, it takes a tremendous amount of time to predict a change in the market correctly. the Bitcoin application is the solution to a continually complex market to navigate.

After a few tests and background analysis of the software, the app amazed my team with its ability to maintain successful trades. After our experiments, it was quite apparent that the testimonials posted on the official website were, after all, legitimate.

You will not need to schedule too much of your time monitoring the app. We would, however, advise you to monitor the first few minutes of trade after signing up on the platform and setting up your trading conditions.
While using the app is the only way you can get to trust the app truly, there are hundreds of reviews on InsideBitcoin that agree with the developers of the software. You should set up an account and quit missing out on the great opportunity this app presents.

How to open an Account

Opening an account with the Bitcoin application could be the first step to earning your first pay from automated trading. If you are not new to automated trading software, Signing up with the app allows you to increase your income from currency trading with the highest success rates in the market.

Step 1: registration

To register for an account with the app, your browser must be configured to accept live cookies. The platform has features that might be disabled by your cookies settings. The platform also automatically detects the location of every user that accesses it. It makes it easy to obtain an appropriate broker after signing up.

As you will note upon arriving at the website, the registration form only has three fields of entry: First name, Last name, and your email address. After filling out this information, you will be required to create a strong password. The site will automatically reject weak passwords for the security of your data. Be sure to store your passwords safely for obvious reasons.

Lastly, you will be required to fill out your mobile phone number and country code. Your country code is the three-number code that often appears before every phone number in your country. Please note that it is essential to present your legitimate details when signing up. This is essential because the details will be required for every deposit and withdrawal you make.
After successfully registering on the website, you will be assigned a broker who will assist and follow up on your trading journey.

Step 2: Depositing

An automated trading robot will usually need to connect to an authenticated online broker to place orders in the market. The application is revered for the quality of brokers they are linked to. The trustworthiness and availability of the brokers linked to the app is not something any of the platform’s subscribers should burden themselves with.

Once your registration is complete, the website will redirect you to the deposit page of the broker the automated software links you to. There are different methods of payment accepted on the the application’s platform.
The payment options accepted by the platform include MasterCard, Visa, Wire Transfer, and Bridge Pay, etc. Details of your MasterCard, such as card number, security number, and expiry date, etc. will be requested of you upon selecting your preferred deposit option.

The Bitcoin application’s website is secured with SSL. Your personal details, such as card number and security number, cannot be accessed n=by any third party. After making a deposit, the software will enable you to make trades. We, however, recommend trying out a demo account that will be provided by the platform to get acquainted with the features on the platform.

The minimum deposit accepted in the app’s platform is $250. There are, however, no restrictions on any more significant deposits.

Step 3: Demo Trading

Trading on a demo account will give you the feel of a real live trade without losing your money. Demo trading is especially recommended for people who are new to asset trading. After making a deposit on the website, you will be presented with the option to use a demo or real account.

A demo account will offer you tutorials on how to utilize the features on the application trading platform. The tutorials will offer you the chance to familiarize with the proceedings of your broker.

Step 4: Real Trading

Upon successful registration deposit of funds on the app’s platform, a “Trade Room” link will appear on your next page. By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to a setup page that will request your trading configurations.

On this page, you will provide details on your preferred trading amount and the frequency of trades on each trading day. You will also be required to set a stop loss margin and choose how big a profit you would like to make in a day.

After deciding how much you would like to invest in your trade venture, you will need to specify which cryptocurrencies you would like to trade with. You have the option to let the trade bots trade with all the available currencies, or you can choose the ones you feel are the most profitable at the time.

You can, of course, revisit all the above settings after trading for a while. Once you are sure the settings on the platform are as per your preferences, you can proceed to click the “Launch Auto-trade” link to begin trading.

How does the app’s fair against other robots?

While the application’s platform offers a simple interface for both beginners and expert users, most auto trading bots in the market are not able to provide their users with easy-to-use trading platforms. It is easy for a trader to lose his investment just because he was unable to understand a platform’s layout clearly.

Another advantage of the app over its competitors is its quick and straightforward registration process. It will only take you a couple of minutes to completely set up the software for trading.

Unlike the application’s, most other robots have low responsiveness coupled up with flawed verification processes. This puts the personal details of users that sign up to the robots’ services in the risk of being stolen or used in online crimes.

There are no hidden fees on the application. Despite what fake sites may lead you to believe, the app does not accept any other payments except those posted on its official website. However, not all auto-trading robots are as clear and straightforward on fees as the application.

There are tons of robots on the internet that will try to conceal some of their fees so as not to put off users. We would advise you to keep off any of the websites you suspect to be scam sites. Most scam websites and trading robots have unverified deposit and withdrawal protocols.

According to the hundreds of reviews available online, the app appears to be making a substantial income to its active subscribers. Most users credit an easy to understand withdrawal process that takes very little time to complete.

Most fraudulent trading platforms block withdrawal requests and disallow their users from accessing their profits. A trading platform should not give you any excuses on failed withdrawals unless the details you entered when signing up are incorrect.

The reported accuracy of in trades is around 92%. While there are tons of robots claiming to have the same efficiency in making successful trades, their algorithms do not even come close to the figure. It is wise to read through the reviews of a trading bot, just as it is with most other products, to have a mental picture of how efficient the software actually is.

Software characteristics Trade

  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

Our Suggestion

If you are using the software for the first time, whether an expert or an inexperienced trader, you are the platform’s ultimate judge. You might be expecting to make an unrealistic sum of money when using the software. However, the profits you make from the software are mostly dependent on your personal settings and how much you choose to trade.

Our advice is to begin with a small investment and increase the amount you choose to trade as your trades become more profitable. That way, you increase the amount of profit you get without having to risk additional amounts of money.

Withdraw your funds regularly. The best way to avoid losing your profits is to withdraw them whenever possible. It is never a good idea to let your funds remain in an auto-trade account. If the system, however unlikely, starts making wrong investments, it will eat up into your profits and blow your account out. Our suggestion is to keep a withdrawal rate of between 30% and 70% of your account’s balance and re-invest the rest.

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, we would advise you to keep in contact with your broker’s customer care as often as possible. They have the ability to resolve any issues you might have with your trading account and in a pace that allows you to continue making profits.

You could also seek expert advice from any of your colleagues that have experience in the field. We also advise any person who would like to sign up with the platform to join public forums and attend any webinars that may offer them incites into crypto trading. The data will guide them to put up the right settings for the trading platform.

After getting advice from trading experts, you can establish a strategy that works in your best interests. Take a look at YouTube strategy tips to estimate your strategy’s potency. When you find the approach you think works best, try implementing it on the app and see how it works out for you.

Why you should try using a Robot to trade Bitcoin

Efficiency: Robots offer you an efficient and remarkable analysis of financial news and market trends to identify the most profitable investments in the crypto market. The complex algorithms used by the robots claim an accuracy of above 90%. This is remarkable, given the murky financial market conditions.

Ease of use: : Robots are quite reliable at providing users a simple and easy-to-use platform. Novices, as well as professional traders, can easily benefit from the features of the platform. The platform is intentionally made to introduce new traders to an easy-to-understand trading platform, unlike traditional platforms with manual processes.

High Returns: The likes of this Bitcoin application have made records in generating high returns in the financial markets. Returns from using the software could range from $1,000 to $10,000 or even more.
Customer care support: According to online reviews by active subscribers, the company’s staff are always friendly and ready to assist you through any difficulties you might be experiencing while using the software.

The Bitcoin Mobile App

Bitcoin Mobile App is currently unavailable. While the developers work on the app to make it as efficient as the platform, you can still access the software through your internet browser at high speed. Mobile devices can equally access the services through popular browsers.
The only difference between accessing the trading platform on your phone and your desktop or laptop is the website layout.


As my team and I have gone beyond testing the operations and efficiency of the app, we can comfortably attest to the program’s legitimacy and ease of use. It could be your one-off chance to make money using the Bitcoin app.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer
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Bitcoin code review




The Bitcoin Code robot is a universal trading platform designed to help traders make money through active and passive trading. The software is a brainchild of Steve McKay, a seasoned software developer and crypto-currency expert. A lot has been said about the platform, including outrageous claims that it is a scam. This comprehensive Bitcoin Code Review discusses everything from the software features and its legitimacy to how its stacks up against the competition, among other items. The platform has been enhanced to make it easier for beginners to learn the ropes and trade in no time. While trading, users will like the following key aspects about the Bitcoin Code:

  • High profit ratios
  • Speedy withdrawals
  • Legitimacy
  • Risk control tools
  • User-friendly App
Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

The tools provided therein are easy to learn, which make the trading platform highly attractive to a broad range of users. A sophisticated algorithm has been embedded in the software to help traders predict every single market movements and make profitable moves. An internal review released by Bitcoin Code in September 2019 shows the software had a staggering winning ratio of over 90%. It is critical to know that crypto currency trading comes with unique challenges such as market volatility and intricacies of decentralized system. The automated software accommodates crypto-currency traders from all over the world.

What is Bitcoin Code?

Die The automated trading software is operated by intuitive robots with the ability to detect fluctuations in crypto-currency price. Traders can read the changes and make money from different directions. For instance, buying cheap and selling at a high price. Bitcoin Code is organized in a same fashion as binary options. To use the software, simply sign up for a new account. You will then be requested to submit your full name, phone number, address and location.

The next step is to verify your account, link a brokerage account and make your initial deposit. The deposit can be made via the following popular methods, namely: GeoTrust, Visa, PCI and MasterCard. Users not versed with the complexities of crypto-currency trading can check out the Demo provided. The Demo gives players an opportunity to try out all the available features and system capabilities. Once informed, traders can go on and open a real money account.

How Bitcoin Code was invented?

Steve McKay, the CEO of Bitcoin Code App created the hugely successful Bitcoin trading software to give investors a one of a kind opportunity to trade online and make massive profits. He is a former quantum programmer of a Wall Street based firm and understands the intrigues of the crypto-currency trading. McKay worked hard to develop the algorithm used in Bitcoin Code. When the initial tests showed how intuitive and profitable the software was, McKay decided to go mainstream with his newfound Bitcoin Code trading robot. The system supports various crypto-currencies, including the widely traded Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin.

McKay claims to have made over $18 million in just 6 months and adds that the platform is making millionaires at an unimaginable rate. Nonetheless, it is important to know that the amount of money traders make depend on various factors, including the amount of money invested in the first place, trading strategy and market volatility. Digital currencies traditionally traded in crypto-currency exchanges, which is a huge global market. Under the arrangement, a trader buys a certain amount of Bitcoin in anticipation of a value increase. Based on the market assessment, the trader can choose to sell some of the currencies to make profit.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

Is Bitcoin Code Legitimate or Scam?

The Bitcoin trading robots is for all intent and purpose a legitimate money making tool and not a scam as claimed widely on various online platforms. The controversy linked to trading software isn’t anything new to seasoned traders because the web is replete with dozens of articles that dismiss various trading software’s as nothing but scams. Most of the accusations stem from people who do not understand the benefits and risks involved in automated trading.

The Bitcoin Code platform is intuitively designed to give traders an opportunity to make money at incredibly low risks. The potential for success is huge going with the trading edge and the glowing testimonials from successful traders. Positive outlook also comes from the fact that the crypto-currency trading industry is experiencing a remarkable year on year growth. For the sake of financial fiduciary, all Bitcoin Code users are issued accurate amounts from their accrued trades.

Traders are encouraged to deposit at least $250 in their trading accounts to start trading at the Bitcoin Code automated market. The more money you invest the higher the probability of making more money in the highly volatile market. Trades can be completed in macro seconds. This helps the traders stay ahead of the market and be in a position to execute hundreds of trades in a space of minutes. Remember, all trading strategies carry some form of risk.

How to sign up and Trade?

Bitcoin Code is very easy to use as it is designed to operate automatically without the user’s active engagement. The process of signing up at the crypto-currency trading platform is also straightforward. The following 3 simple steps will help you register a new account and begin trading:

Step 1: Go to the website and fill out the online form

To join the Bitcoin Code club of investors, you will be requested to enter your personal details such as phone number, email and password. Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Once the details are verified, the proprietary software will allow you to enter the trading platform without any financial obligation.

Step 2: Deposit money on your account

Fund your account to the tune of $250 or more. The platform does not charge any advance fees or commissions. Users are also at liberty to withdraw their profits at any time. As a long term strategy to build a solid portfolio, traders are encouraged to start small. The platform also supports different deposit methods, including the hugely popular card payments. The user deposits are processed through Forex2Crypto accounts held in places like Visa, PCI and other payment methods.

Step 3: Start making money

Once the deposit is made, go to auto-trade to begin executing your trades. The Crypto-currency trading software generates up to 100 real-time trading signals daily. Traders who do not want to be bog down by the lightning speeds associated with an automated trading system can choose the manual trading option. Traders also need to know how to manage trades and risks using stop loss, profit limits, crypto-currency options and trading frequency, among other tools.

How the system works?

Steve McKay’s software is able to identify money making opportunities thanks to the carefully crafted and mastered Artificial Intelligence, which has attracted the attention of traders from across the world. However, the real algorithms used in executing trades remain a closely guarded secret. The software also has a time-leap that offers critical market advantage when it comes to reading the upcoming moves. The trader’s accounts are linked to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for an enhanced real-time trading experience.

Traders can also place hundreds of transactions because of the super-fast automated trading system. Once you are registered and made the necessary deposit, Bitcoin Code automated system takes over. Although the software is not necessary a magic bullet for crypto-currency trading, it cannot also be quantified as a scam. Following the right strategy, means a trader can make huge profits when they invest large sums of money. All the accounts are settled in cash so it is not necessary for traders to use Bitcoin other stipulated crypto-currencies.

How to maximize your profit with Bitcoin Code

A growing number of investors are seeing crypto-currency trading as the best strategy for speculative investment. For investors keen on curtailing business risks, the growing crypto-currency investment strategies provide a safe haven for non-taxable investment. The crypto-currency industry is largely unregulated in the US, but companies like Bitcoin Code have moved in to exploit the market potential. With an initial deposit of $250, a Bitcoin Code investor can apply sound investment strategy to build a solid investment over time.
You can choose to save anything from 20% to 70% of your earnings and use the remaining amount to invest elsewhere. As a learning strategy, you need to closely follow established leads and investment advice from successful traders. For tax purposes, make a point to keep the records of all your earnings. You can always hire the services of a competent tax consultant to help you sort the tax issues and ensure tax compliance at all times. While trading, be sure to invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose to avoid the risk of negative exposure.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

The most outstanding features of the Bitcoin Code
The cryptocurrency trading market is inundated with many automated software’s that support different trading strategies. Below are some of the most outstanding features of Bitcoin Code robotic:
• Verification system – the in-built system verification process at Bitcoin Code is enhanced for speed approvals. Simply log into the system with your email address and personal details. The platform lets users link their accounts with email, bank and approved payment systems. Bitcoin Code will not request for utility bills or ID as part of account authentication process.

• Fees – one of the most interesting things about the Bitcoin Code trading platform is that it does not charge fees. The company, however, hives off some percentage of trading profits at the tail end of trading. The rest of the money goes straight to the user’s personal account.

• Payouts – although you can lose money through the crypto-currency trading platform, lucky users can earn up to $10,000 or more in a day. The best trading strategy is to take time to learn how the platform works and apply sound advice from experts. The investments should ideally be done in small incremental to help the investor build self-confidence and ensure more sustainable trading results.

• Withdrawal process – withdrawal can be done at any assigned time. The day trading tool allows 100% withdrawal using various payment methods such as debit and credit card, bank wire and wire transfer. It takes between 2 to 3 days to process payments and have the money deposited in the bank.

• Brokers – the money deposited into the Bitcoin Code account is quickly transferred to brokers or auto-traders who use the funds and the Bitcoin Code algorithm to make favorable trades on behalf of the account holder. The brokers are up to speed with the latest Bitcoin trading strategies and will always target profitable trade offs.

• Customer service – because of the high number of traders and inquiries from traders and prospects, the company offers 24/7 support via live chart and email service. Users can use the help line to obtain quick answers on ongoing trades and rising queries. Bitcoin Code trading platform has undergone numerous transformations in the last few years to give traders a pleasant experience. A risk free demo account is provided for learning purposes.

Why you should consider using a robot to trade Bitcoin?

A growing number of investors are putting their money in robotic trading systems and reaping big rewards for the trouble. It just takes a little bit of learning, patience and some luck to be able to make big money on a sustainable course. The revolutionary, Bitcoin Code trading software uses built in algorithms that can be operated manually or automatically. The leading crypto-currencies all trade at different values against the dollar and other leading global currencies.

Although the value of the most prized crypto-currency, the Bitcoin currently stands at between $7,000 and $10,000, Bitcoin Code specifically targets changes in value to score maximum points. The strategy also encourages speedy liquidation of assets, which makes it easier for traders to cash in quickly and switch positions. Traders can also spread the hard-earned money across various assets as part of diversification process and push to obtain maximum rewards.

Comparison: Bitcoin Code Vs. Other Bitcoin Trading Robots?

Bitcoin Code has a built a reputation that it wants to safeguard by all means. The crypto-currency trading platform encourages all new traders to do a thorough research before engaging in real money trading. Traders are also encouraged to withdraw money after earning so they can enjoy the profits. There are lots of resources online to help investors make the right decisions.

The resources include videos where expert traders reveal the secrets of successful crypto-currency trading. Bitcoin Code also offers plenty of learning materials to give new and seasoned traders critical information they need to know about crypto-currency and money making tips. Some of the factors drawing users to Bitcoin Code at the expense of the competition include:

      • Access to a user-friendly crypto-currency trading platform
      • Promise of high returns based on historical trading data
      • No hidden fees and commissions
      • Accurate payout that goes directly to the account
      • Quick and easy registration process
      • Quick trades using an assigned Artificial Intelligence bot
      • Excellent customer support offered 24/7
      • Opportunity to learn the ropes using a risk free demo account
      • Lots of positive testimonials and Bitcoin Code reviews from real first-hand users

Unlike most crypto-currency sites, you do not need to make a steep ownership investment to trade and make profit at Bitcoin Code. For most of the competing crypto-currency trading platforms, hidden charges are often embedded in the robots as an internal strategy by the respective companies to make more money. Unfortunately, this often means lower earnings for investors.

With regards to registration, a number of Bitcoin trading robots have slow registration process with stringent verification that takes days to complete. The other worse thing is the high risk of losing money. Lastly, some Bitcoin trading strategies uses unethical practices laden with opaque rules that make it difficult for providers to be accountable and attract more traders.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

Bottom Line
Steve McKay narrowed his focus on crypto-currency trading because of the promising high rewards and vast industry experience. The Bitcoin Code software stands out today as one of the fastest rising crypto-currency trading robots in the world. To ensure user security and confidence, Bitcoin Code has put in place stringent security measures that conform to industry best practices. Users can also toggle effortlessly between the desktop and mobile interfaces.

The Bitcoin Code’s responsive mobile App can be downloaded easily online. The App is currently available to Android users. Based on the findings of this Bitcoin Code Review their is no doubt we are dealing with a legitimate crypto-currency trading platform that gives traders a fair chance to make money. User’s still need to apply their learned trading skills and plan their moves appropriately in spite of the fact that the platform uses carefully trained Artificial Intelligence and machine learning bots.

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CryptoSoft Review




Despite the relative newness of the cryptocurrency market, there has been notable volatility. This resulted from the magnitude of short term speculation. Beginning in October of 2017 and ending in October of 2019, Bitcoin experienced a low of $5,851 and a high of $19,000. The other cryptocurrencies were subjected to similar volatility. This is not uncommon with new technologies.

This volatility is also responsible for the excitement of investing in cryptocurrency. You have the option of going long or short to make the highest profits. CryptoSoft is a software created to connect investors to the top brokers to ensure accurate signals are available for trading cryptocurrency contracts for difference. These are generally referred to as CFD’s.

CFDs enable you to predict the value of specific cryptocurrencies over a specific period of time. You do not have to hold the cryptocurrencies because you are just predicting whether the value will go up or down. Since you are purchasing a leveraged product, your investment is only a small percentage of the asset’s value. CrytpoSoft enables you to enter the cryptocurrency market without a lot of capital.

This means you can make a tremendous profit without much capital. CryptoSoft is software that has been proven to provide you with the trading signal you will require for trading. You will also know when the right time comes to trade. Even if you are a new trader, you can make in excess of $5,000 within the first day just by using CryptoSoft. You can visit the offer page to get started right now.

Software characteristics Trade

  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

The Development of CryptoSoft

CryptoSoft trading software is on the cutting edge of technology. The software is independent, automated and provides you with trading signals. The difference between CryptoSoft and all the other trading software on the market is the flexibility. The software is ideal for both new traders and experienced veterans. When cryptocurrency became incredibly popular, the development team for CryptoSoft discovered a gap.

The algorithmic software available at this time did not meet the trader’s needs. This was when the CEO of CryptoSoft assembled a talented team of bankers, financial experts from Wall Street and software developers to create an extraordinary auto trader. As the CEO, Thomas Green insisted the software being developed was simple and easy to use.

He wanted the traders to be able to devote their time to trading as opposed to complicated and difficult to use software. The software eliminates the need for you to spend long periods of time analyzing the market because all of the hard work is performed by the CryptoSoft software. You will have access to an advanced training mode ensuring the signals you receive are accurate and in real-time.

The development team perfected the algorithms the software uses so you can accurately track the price movements occurring in the cryptocurrency market for the most profitable trades. CryptoSoft provides you with everything you will need to make a profit from the cryptocurrency price movements. Even if you have never traded cryptocurrency before you can be successful by visiting the offer page now.

The system consistently scans the market to guide you to the best possible trades. You will learn how to anticipate the best moves prior to them occurring. Once CryptoSoft identifies a trading opportunity, a trading signal is sent directly to you. You will know which cryptocurrency to trade and if you should go short or long. The bottom line is CryptoSoft makes it easy to trade digital currencies.

How CryptoSoft Works

There are no files to download prior to using CryptoSoft. You can access the platform with your browser. The software was designed to detect, analyze and monitor market signals. These signals are sent to a platform to provide you with opportunities to purchase cryptocurrency. After the broker has vetted the signals, the transaction is performed by CryptoSoft for the user.

The purpose of each transaction is purchasing cryptocurrency when the rate is low, then selling once the price has increased. There are customizable features to enable you to create your own settings for every trading session. You can place a limit on your trades each day to minimize your losses. This is accomplished by accessing the platform’s stop-loss feature.

The software uses a complex algorithm to provide you with the best possible results. Prior to the activation of the auto trading feature, the system will prompt you to make a deposit. This will enable you to use the platform for live trading. If you are new to trading, you can activate the auto-trading feature to enable the software to perform all of the work. You can then simply relax.

There are options available when you use the stop loss feature pertaining to the risk limits. You can divide your account balance into multiples for independent trade. A good example is a deposit of $300. This can be divided into twelve $25 trades. Although this is a good option, you will generally make more money if your margins are higher.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

The number of trades CryptoSoft can perform each day are impressive. Hundreds of transactions can be performed by the CryptoSoft platform every day. This provides you with nearly unlimited earning opportunities. This is another reason the software is so impressive. The majority of trading platforms restrict how many transactions you can make each day. To get started with CryptoSoft, visit the offer page.

Every trader needs to be aware of the unpredictable prices and volatility of the cryptocurrency market. This means there are risks. These risks are significantly decreased by the CryptoSoft auto-trading platform.

CryptoSoft Review of the Benefits

CFD investments are expected to be behind the next generation of investment millionaires. This is the reason investing now is so important. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, you can make the best profits while trading by using the reliable software provided by CryptoSoft. The many benefits are the reason thousands of individuals are already using CryptoSoft. This includes:

Simple Registration: It is easy to open an account with CryptoSoft. All you need to do is complete a short registration form. This is located on the software’s website.

Fast and Easy Withdrawals: When you use CryptoSoft, you can make deposits safely and quickly or seamlessly withdraw funds from your trading account.

Convenience: You can use the software from anywhere at any time because it is web-based. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Visit the offer page to start trading now.

Cutting Edge Technology: CryptoSoft was created by top software developers. The software enables you to beat the system by remaining a step ahead of the cryptocurrency market. Before anyone else has had the opportunity to analyze the current potential movements or react, you will have already executed your trade.

The Impressive Level of Accuracy: CryptoSoft provides you with accurate trading signals for the cryptocurrency market. In addition to the assisted training mode, real-time, extremely accurate trading signals are generated by the system’s algorithms. This enables you to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin profitably.

Even when you have the most accurate predictions while trading a fairly new product such as cryptocurrencies, investing your funds with a reliable broker is critical. CryptoSoft provides you with trading software capable of performing in an environment filled with fraudulent services backed by scammers. CryptoSoft ensures your funds are safe because they only partner with trustworthy online cryptocurrency brokers.

CryptoSoft can provide you with an all-inclusive environment for trading because they chose all of the brokers. The trading platform is intuitive, provides access to trading tools and resources and offers professional customer care. One look at the CryptoSoft website is enough to know this software is completely legitimate. You will see dozens of testimonials from the users.

The users have made tremendous amounts of money. CryptoSoft is responsible for the financial freedom they are now experiencing. All of these traders have confirmed CryptoSoft did everything they promised. The team that created CryptoSoft has its customer’s best interests at heart. There is no doubt this software has enabled individuals to become rich simply by trading cryptocurrencies online.

Getting Started with CryptoSoft

You will not experience any difficulties setting up a new account because the web design of the CryptoSoft website is excellent and user-friendly. Once you have an account, you will be able to experience all of the benefits of CryptoSoft. Visit the offer page now to begin.

Registration: There is no charge to open an account on the CryptoSoft trading platform and no hidden fees. You will need to enter you information to open an account. This includes your complete name, phone number and email address. Once your email address has been verified, you will be able to proceed.

Making Your First Deposit: Making your deposit on the CryptoSoft website is flawless, simple and easy. Numerous payment options have been added by the software developers. This makes it easy for traders all over the world to use CryptoSoft for cryptocurrency trading. Once you have made you deposit, only a few minutes are required before they are placed into your account.

There are no delays when you make a deposit. The chart below shows you all of the payment options available on the website:

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer
Understanding the System

CryptoSoft enables every user to see how transactions are made including purchasing and selling cryptocurrency. This information will enable you to understand the mechanics of automated trading before you make a deposit using real money.

You can start your live trading journey as soon as your deposit is credited to the account you opened with CryptoSoft. The minimum deposit you can make on the platform is $250. This is enough for you to make a profit. Your next step is decreasing your risks by setting trading limits. This can be accomplished by setting your minimum and maximum values for your trades.

Once you activate the auto-trading feature, you can simply relax because the CryptoSoft system will do all of the work for you. There is also a demo trading feature. This offers you full access to study how trades are made and test the system prior to using real money to make live trades. You can see the demo treading feature simply by clicking on the link below.

CryptoSoft Review of the Platform Features

Verification System: The verification system was designed to accurately collate the user details. Once you have entered all of the necessary information, you will be prompted to verify your new account. This is how you will make both deposits and withdrawals.

The process is quick with no additional requirements. The majority of trading platforms require numerous documents such as identification cards and utility bills. This often makes the process stressful and too long.

Payouts: You can initiate your withdrawal once your trades have earned a profit. Your account will be credited with your earnings using your local currency. This is extremely convenient for users from all over the world. The notable success of CryptoSoft has resulted in really high payouts. Due to the volatility of the market, you can still experience losses.

The system calculates your payout with a commission subtracted from your payout for the services of CryptoSoft. This will happen with each payout, with the commission being extremely fair.

Withdrawing Your Funds

The withdrawal process is impressive. Once a withdrawal has been initiated, you should receive your credit alert within 24 hours.
User Testimonials: A portion of the website is dedicated to user testimonials. This is where they discuss their experiences using the trading platform. The majority of the reviews are positive. Most individuals are extremely satisfied with the CryptoSoft system and continue making trades. Visit the offer page now to get started.

Service Charges: You will quickly discover CryptSoft does not have any hidden fees. Everything is deliberately transparent. You will find the profit charges stated on the website.

Customer Service: Customer service for any digital platform is extremely important. If you want to check the service personally, simply think of a couple of inquiries. You will then have a reason for contacting customer service to ask for assistance. You will notice the exceptionally quick response. In most instances, you will receive a reply in under thirty minutes.

Due to a large number of individuals using the CryptoSoft website, this period of time is impressive. The response you receive will be very helpful and accurate.

The Brokers:
CryptoSoft has vetted all of its affiliated brokers. They have the experience necessary to monitor the trading system effectively. Start earning money now by visiting the offer page.

Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer

The Profits of CryptoSoft

Using the CryptoSoft trading platform every day will enable you to make a significant profit. You may be concerned due to the claims made on the internet that CryptoSoft is a scam. This is not true. These rumors may have come from another platform or disgruntled traders. There is no way to be certain. What you can be certain of is the system works flawlessly and withdrawing your earnings is very simple.

There are tips to assist you in earning a profit. This will enable you to increase your passive income. This includes:

  • Begin by making a minimum investment. Your best option for your first live trade is a $250 deposit. This is the minimum deposit the system will allow. As time passes, your experience level will increase. You can then make larger deposits to increase your earnings.
  • Take the time to learn about cryptocurrency. You will find a lot of readable content and videos online to ensure you remain informed of the latest developments within the cryptocurrency industry. Although you will make a larger profit on higher investments, a lower deposit provides you with a more secure profit margin.
  • Do not try to rush anything. The market has slow days resulting in no profit or a low profit. Some days are better than others for trading cryptocurrency.
  • Use the demo trading feature to practice. This will show you exactly how your money is used for making trades. The demo trade feature will teach you what you need to know prior to making an investment using real money.

Using these tips will enable you to begin earning an excellent and consistent passive income by using the CryptoSoft platform. Due to the fluctuating trends of the market, this may require some time. Since the system is effective, you will eventually start to see a profit.

Reasons to Consider Automated Trading

  • Even if you are a new trader, you will not have any difficulty navigating the CryptoSoft platform.
  • The success rate for automated trading robots is much higher than with manual trading processes.
  • The CryptoSoft system works. This means you start with the advantage of using a profitable system.
  • The website provides you with helpful information including the potential risks. You will learn about the measures taken by the developers to reduce these risks.
  • Your earning potential is higher because you can use the platform to trade different cryptocurrency pairs. Start earning a passive income now by visiting the offer page. .
Software characteristics Trade
  • Bitcoin code is NOT a scam
  • ERatio of profit 89%
  • Success rate 89%
  • It works on phone and computer
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